Vegas Slot Machine

Vegas Slot Machine 2.0.2

Try your luck with a whole host of new spin environments and mini games

This bundle of online slots from Crazy Stone is completely free to download and play, letting players explore dozens of colourful online slots and spins without having to lay down an expensive starting stake. Perfect for those who want to enjoy all the thrills of the online casino without the investment, Vegas Slot Machine offers limitless play potential, with exclusive hidden features and bonus rounds to unlock for the luckiest players.

Take your pick from one of many colourful themes and levels, with classic casino slots alongside dino-themed games, space-inspired slots and other essential titles.

Every game here follows the same basic design as most slot games, with adjustable wagering and coin sizes so players can tailor their bets to win big virtual jackpots. Vegas Slot Machine boasts a winning combination of 3-reel and 5-reel slots, all with their own unique paylines and bonus rounds to captivate players and keep them coming back for more.

One of the best social slot games available for Android phones, this slot machine collection lets players enjoy their favourite reels online or off. Get in some practice when you're not connected to the internet, or head to Facebook and Twitter to take on your friends with instant play over WiFi and broadband connections.

Every high-scoring achievement can be shared to your social media pages, letting everyone know who the Vegas Slot master really is

Regularly updated with new and improved slot games and reels, there's always something new to explore with Vegas Slot. Complete daily tasks and weekly game missions to score big and unlock more material in-game, or get the message out there and invite friends to join for some seriously impressive rewards and bonus points.

The more friends you invite, the more coins you'll be granted to place big wagers on slot outcomes, allowing for potentially massive jackpots that'll transfer into sky-high jackpots. Show off your scores in the high-score hall of fame, or keep on playing to break your own records.

Vegas Slot Machine


Vegas Slot Machine 2.0.2

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